Chances are that if you're on this site and have a bunch of tacky pink flamingo lawn ornaments in your front yard YOU'VE BEEN FLOCKED!

So what are we doing on your lawn?

     As our note explains, we have escaped from our trainer Rachel. We have started this fundraising event to help Rachel earn the money required to go on her trip to Europe with People to People (for more information on them, please visit


What can you do about us?

     You can call Rachel (818-993-0929) to come and have us picked up off your lawn for $10. For another $10 you can have us put on somebody else's lawn; you just specify the adress(es). You may have us flock as many houses as you wish, but it's $10 per house. You may also purchase Pink Flamingo Lawn Insurance for an extra $5 which insures you against us ever coming to your lawn again.

 Click Here to see a list of who has insurance and who has been flocked already!

Coming Soon!

A picture Gallery of the flocked houses.

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